3 Different Types of Grass

Who knew that there was more than one type of grass growing out there on your lawn?

Who knew that beyond that there are quite a few – more than you could count on both hands? Here’s a couple you might find in your yard.

Kentucky Bluegrass.

This is quite a common grass, so chances are you’ve come across it in your yard. It’s best suited for cold seasons, so might not survive that raging summer you’ve just had without a proper dosing of water.

Thermal Blue.

We’re keeping with the blue theme here, which is ironic considering the actual color of grass. The thermal blue grass species is what’s called a “transitional zone” grass – which means that it’s a bit fickle. It struggles to warm up in those colder seasons and prosper, but almost equally can’t quite cool down enough in those warmer seasons to be worth growing. It’s a lush, fresh grass however and just needs a little bit of extra TLC to get it going, so if you have the time and patience, it can be well worth the wait – it’s just more of a wager.

Let’s take a moment to think about how exactly we’re taking care of this grass. Here at trimmers and edgers, you will encounter everything you need when it comes to keeping that grass lawn under control, no matter what species it is. Nifty tools like trimmers help to hold it at bay in those warmer months when your garden is finally showing some life, having eagerly skipped the slow growth stage to now be creeping up onto your well-kept patio. Keeping that grass freshly cut and trimmed is just another important step in the maintenance process for healthy and great looking grass in your yard.

The third type of grass is Bermuda grass, another relatively common species that you might have heard of already. This kind of grass is best suited for those warmer seasons, so will be a little bit easier to maintain if there isn’t a water shortage in your area and your neighbors are getting on your back about using the sprinklers all day. Bermuda grass looks great and healthy when well looked after, giving you plenty of reward for getting out there and giving your lawn a much needed once over. You’ll have beautiful grass all summer long.

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