Bluetooth Speakers for Every Use

Bluetooth speakers certainly are the focus of any home entertainment system, while wireless models make great trip companions. Most Bluetooth speakers work with Android, Windows, and BlackBerry smartphones, with iPod Touch, iPhones and iPads, as well as with many tablet models.

Audio quality and battery life

Silver is the usual color of the large majority of Bluetooth speakers; however, some units are available in different colors as well, such as gunmetal gray or goldish – browse Speaker Digital for a comprehensive selection. While not all speakers can boast the highest level of audio fidelity, many have good sound quality and improved looks as compared to the first models. Look for units with 360 degree sound with clean highs and mids, and deep lows that retain their quality even when you push the volume up. Powerful speakers feature 8 or so symmetrically placed drivers, while mini models typically have two drivers that are nonetheless able to let out a good sound.

Smaller and lighter than their predecessors, some Bluetooth speakers are truly compact and slim, and can even be fitted in a pocket. To make them truly portable, many work with rechargeable batteries. Pay attention to this feature, especially if you intend to take lots of trips and want to be able to listen to your music. Battery life varies greatly from one brand to another; with some models, this has been improved, usually from up to 5 or 7 hours to 10 hours. This is usually an issue with speakers under $100, even though there are exceptions. More expensive models feature 35 hours of battery life where you can listen to all your favorite tunes uninterrupted.

Unique features

There are Bluetooth speakers packing lots of features in one unit. Thus, some double as portable power banks, allowing you to quickly charge your phone and tablet from the USB port that comes with the speaker. These models can also be charged by USB or by AC power, so that you don’t waste your time charging your speaker instead of listening to your music.

Aside from providing all the standard Bluetooth speaker features, some speakers also have some unique traits, such as a built-in voice recorder. Other features that set some speakers apart include the ability to use an SD card and play music off of it, as well as the fact that the speaker can double as an external sound card for your computer.

Finally, a waterproof speaker with a sturdy aluminum exterior will set your mind at ease whenever you go sailing, to the beach or to a picnic. Sport models in particular have the IP67 rating, which means they can float and even be submerged for up to 30 minutes in three feet of water, without sustaining any damages.

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