Features of Different Types of Blenders

A blender is one of the must-have kitchen appliances that every homeowner should have due to its many uses. There are some that are fit for home use while others mostly are for commercial usage. The motor speed is usually indicated in watts or horsepower. Household models have in between 500 to 750 watts, and the commercial models have high wattage. The following are the most common types of blenders in the market today.

  • Immersion Blenders

These models, also known as the stick or handheld blenders, are fit for home use. These appliances are usually small, long and thin and the user holds one side and the blades are on the other side. Immersion blenders are fit for blending vegetables and fruits and are known for their thin output. You can also blend hot vegetables directly from the cooking pan. Immersion blenders come in different makes with varying features. You can either choose one that uses electricity as a source of power or go for those that use rechargeable batteries. Most have light materials which make them highly portable.

  • Food Processors

Some people classify food processors as heavy-duty blenders because of their various applications. Even though these appliances perform tasks that nearly resemble those of a blender, the two are made to perform different functions. A food processor works with hard foods, and their core functions include dicing, shredding, and slicing. Food processors work best with foods that have little to no moisture. Normal blenders can also dice or slice, but they usually mess the working table which makes food processors the best pick. You can use a food processor for slicing and then blend the sliced foods with a blender.

  • Countertop Blenders

These appliances are also known as jug or jar blenders and are the most common in the market today. These makes are heavier than immersion blenders and usually perform more tasks such as crushing ice, chopping, grinding and mixing. These blenders are also the oldest, and they can trace their history back to the early 20th century. The old models have their motors at the base, but some newer ones are placing them at the top. These appliances come with a large pitcher which can either be glass or plastic made. Some of the foods you can prepare using this type of blender include apple sauce, baby food, sauces, smoothies and hummus among many more others.

  • Hybrid Blenders

These appliances can perform several functions just as the name suggests. Most people love them because they are convenient and they save on the kitchen space. According to Blender Friend, these appliances come with different pulse settings and speed which enables the user to switch from one task to the other. Some of the basic tasks that hybrid blenders can perform include dicing, slicing, mixing and of course blending and they are becoming very popular.

Blenders mostly differ according to design, motor speed, and controls. You have to evaluate your needs and budget before settling on a specific model.

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