How to Create Cocktails Using a Blender, Fast and Easy

If you hold parties in your house once in a while, then you know that blended cocktails are an excellent way to spruce up things. But, if you’re not good with blenders, getting consistent results can be quite difficult. Creating great cocktails is an art that takes time and patience. However, it is not that hard to learn the ropes to create amazing daiquiris and margaritas every time.  Here’s how to do it;

Add the Liquor and the Juices

This is your number one step to creating perfectly blended cocktails. Add the fruits to the blender’s pitcher as well and blend to perfection. You should do this before you add the ice and ensure that you mix all the ingredients correctly.

  • Be sure to rinse the fruits under running water. Peel them and remove any stems. Chop into small pieces of approximately 1 inch.
  • Clean the herbs too and chop off any stems. Cut into small pieces

You can use the blender’s lid as a measuring cup (if it is detachable that is). That way, you can measure the tequila and the rum without making your cocktails too strong or too weak.

Add Small Pieces of Ice

You don’t have to use a lot of ice when making you cocktails. In fact, the lesser, the ice the better, so begin with one cup for every drink. Of course, you can add more ice later on as you blend if you notice that the cocktail may be too dilute.

  • Cracked ice is always the best option. Ice cubes tend to overload the motor which may, in turn, reduce the life and the efficiency of your blender.
  • You can view robust models at Blender Friend if you’d rather have a unit that will chop the ice for you.

Lock in the Lid and Start to Blend

Begin out at a low speed. Set your blender at pulse mode so that you can start and stop the blender at short intervals as you chop ingredients and crack the ice.

Increase Speed

Move from across speed settings in consistent increments.  It will help you create smooth, chunk-free cocktails.

Monitor the Process

You should keep checking the results as you blend. Ensure that your machine is cracking the ice continuously.

  • Unlock the lid every time you stop the motor and stir your drink using a bar spoon (use one with a long shaft to reach the blender’s bottom.) If there are still large chunks of ice, keep stirring every few minutes until they blend in.
  • If your drink is too dilute, you may consider adding more ice
  • Add one of your liquid ingredients if the drink is too thick and re-blend. Again, start out small because you want to end up with a balanced cocktail.

That’s all it takes to make perfect cocktails that will keep your guests entertained. Whenever possible, use fresh fruits and avoid using carbonated drinks. Also, clean the machine after every use, or if you want to prepare a different cocktail. One more thing – hold your blender’s lid when the blender is running to ensure that the lid doesn’t come off.

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