How to Maintian a Lawn Mower

Keeping your compound and backyard neat is one of the most essential parts of your tidiness at home. One of the regions that need constant attention however is the lawn. A lawn should always be kept neat and nothing does this well than a lawn mower. While a lawn mower has been an essential tool in most homes, its users do not seem to understand how to maintain it. It is therefore important to ensure that you keep the lawn mower in it optimum working condition to ensure that it provides you with the services for much longer. The following as some of the tips that will help you keep your lawn mower in perfect working condition.

Read the manufacturers manual

Lawn Mower Lane notes that before using a lawn mower for the first time, the most important factor, just like any other machine is to read its manual.  It is not enough to assume that you know how to use a lawn mower since each model comes with its own guides. This will ensure that you are in a better position to note any defect or malfunction when it happens. For instance, a lawn mower manual would specify what to do when the machine won’t start. In most cases, this is caused by old gasoline. It is advisable to drain old gasoline at the end of each mowing season.

Clean out the undercarriage

As you work with your mower, grass tends to get clogged in the undercarriage, something that may tamper with the discharge chute of the mower. The best thing to do is to use a wire brush to scrape out the grass clippings then use a hose to spray the remaining debris. Before you work on the undercarriage however, it is important to practice safety by disconnecting the spark plug. It is also advisable to chance the spark plug from time to time since it plays an essential role in the functioning of a mower. On average, you can change it once every year to ensure that the mower has an easy start. When installing a new mower, be careful that you do not tighten it too much since this may prevent the mower from starting.

Get a professional tune up

As much as you may have experience in using a lawn mower, there are tune-up services that will call for the services of a professional. This may include draining the old gas, replacing the air filter and performing other basic diagnostic tests. This may also include sharpening of the blade. You would have to appreciate the fact that a mower’s blade goes through a great deal of stress thank to large branches, rocks and other hidden object that come to contact with it. This leads to a dull blade that would tear and rip grass instead of offering a clean and neat cut.

With these maintenance services therefore, you can rest assured that your lawn mower will serve you even longer. Ensure that your mower is in optimum working condition before the start of the mowing season.

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