Needs That You Should Fulfil As A Parent

Becoming a parent is one of the biggest milestones one can achieve as an adult. However, this new found role comes with lots of challenges and responsibilities that you have to fulfill as a parent. Kids can be one of the greatest assets, but also they expect a lot from you. People from different parts of the world have different ideas on how to raise kids. But there are things that such people will always agree on irrespective of the background, upbringing or social status. The following are some of the basic needs that kids need from their parents

Emotional support

When a child is born, the first person to interact with is the parent. It thus means that such a child will learn a lot from the parents. The kid does not have much reasoning ability when he or she is young. But as they grow up, they get the ability to differentiate between what is right from wrong. They also develop emotions, and you have to interpret them and take necessary action. There are times they will be happy while in other cases they will feel low. Be a shoulder to lean when their moods are low and listen to their woes and help them find solutions.

Material support

Kids need a lot in terms of medical support, food, clothing, shelter, and education. It is your primary role as a parent to cater for their needs until they become of age. Teaching your kids to be responsible when handling the resources that you have is essential for their growth. You should note that providing for your child is not enough as you also need to teach him or her how to be a responsible adult in the future. You do not have to be super-wealthy to give your kids the best life as it is all about utilizing what you have.


Raising kids is a delicate thing and you can either raise loving or cold children. You should get the difference between loving and giving entitlement to the kids. You may believe that your kids will love you more when you provide them with everything that they request. However, they should learn how to earn for things that you give to them. Make them understand it is okay to say no to their advances without creating bad blood or hurting their feelings. It is also important for them to learn that love is two-way traffic.

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