Put A Lot Of Thought Into Choosing Your Restaurant Furniture

Furbishing a restaurant properly and on a budget can be a tough job. A place that is fashionable, yet unique uses commercial grade furniture that is durable, yet that never goes out of style. Restaurant furniture must be comfortable, clean and appropriately maintained for customers to return to your establishment, and while design may not be as important in a restaurant as it is in a café setting, this is not to say your furniture should not be stylish.

A reliable supplier, regardless if it is a family run business or a national company, will help you pick those colours and materials that match your intended style to maximize your space and create either a cozy or a modern restaurant environment. Some suppliers even offer a free personalized design service to help restaurant owners new to the business purchase items according to their available floor space. Make sure to discuss with your wholesaler for restaurant furniture about any discounts on bulk orders they may have; purchasing at wholesale prices means you can cut down on the already high costs of running a restaurant, without compromising on quality.

Restaurant seating options

Suppliers that carry large selections usually put together diverse collections, each focusing on different designs and styles, from classic and vintage to modern and contemporary. So, depending on the type of place you run, whether it is a high end restaurant or a small, family one, you can furnish it with chairs made from metal, aluminum, chrome, wrought iron, wood, rattan, bamboo, wicker, resin, or a mix of these, such as wood and metal. Items in the wood category are more suitable for classic indoors, whereas metal chairs look more modern and can also be used outdoors. Thus, restaurants that extend out on the sidewalk or that have a terrace will benefit from patio chairs designed for the outdoors.

Chairs, barstools and booths can be plain or upholstered, or both, but remember that upholstery takes time and money to keep clean. Upholstery choices typically include fabric, leather, and plain or tufted vinyl, and all should come with a built-in fire retardant and stain protector for your investment to be truly worth it.

Finally, choose table sizes in accordance with the type of meal you serve; thus, a full meal will require a large table, perhaps fixed to the floor, whereas a quick snack and a coffee can be enjoyed over a smaller table.


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