Safety Measures When Using a Chain Cutting Machine

Cases of injuries caused by moving parts of a chain cutting machine are numerous and scary. They may include deformed face, loss of teeth, blindness, rushed arms, legs, and hands. To avoid uncalled for injuries like these, you must observe the right safety measures. Always remember to safeguard any machine function, process, or part which may lead to an injury. Various mechanical actions and motions that may be hazardous to the worker include the cutting teeth, movement of rotating parts, meshing gears, and reciprocating arms. The risks increase when projections like bolts, abrasions, screws, nicks, or keys are exposed on rotating components.

Ensure that your chain cutting machine has guards that typically come as standard equipment when purchasing it. Protectors must be installed by a competent technician because using the machine a dangerous process. The factors that determine the method used include shape or size of stock, work on the material, type of operation, production requirements, and method of handling. To be more appropriate, a guard should prevent employees from getting in contact with machine parts. Nevertheless, the guard should not pose additional risks or hinder efficient use of the tool.

Always ensure that you or the person whom you employ to operate the machine have the right operating and maintenance skills. For instance, you should have full knowledge of the function and purpose of all controls of a chain cutting machine and train on the safety measures for particular systems. You should also document the inspections of the machine with records identifying the equipment specifying problems noted, action taken to correct the problem, and the date of inspection. Keeping a record of issues will ensure that an action is taken and any future problems will be identified immediately and resolved before further damage.

Similarly, ensure that you use push sticks or any other appropriate tool to prevent your hand from coming close to the point operation when working on small pieces of wood. Additionally, always use a stick or brush to remove scrap and sawdust from the chain cutting machine and never use your hand to clean the machine or do the cleaning while it is running. You should also maintain and clean the machine regularly. Furthermore, ensure that you put on the right clothing. Never wear loose clothing or have long hair when operating the machine as these can be easily trapped in moving parts. Moreover, never run the machine with free hands. Read the manual carefully before operating the machine, be cautious when refueling, and always have a first-aid kit at the work venue.

Chain Cutting has various reviews on machines are fast and efficient but can be disastrous if carelessly handled. However, you can avoid the hazards by carefully reading the manual that comes with the machine and ensuring that safety guards are properly fitted. Your body is delicate especially when using such machines. You will be safe and confortable during the cutting process if you put on proper clothing, boots, gloves and helmet. Ensure that your machine is regularly maintained and have a first-aid kid to help you in case of an emergency.

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