Steam Mop Buying Guide

Steam mops are increasingly becoming an attractive modern cleaning option in many households. They come in handy to clean dirty floors and other surfaces without using chemicals as they only rely on steam created by an internal boiler and then pumped out through a cleaning head. With numerous brands already in the market, you need to select one that delivers fast and efficient cleaning. Discussed below are some of the important factors you need to think about before buying a steam mop.


Some steam mops have the ability to pick up dry debris from the floors. Such models make an ideal option, especially since you don’t have to use another tool to sweep the floors before you steam clean.  Whereas such steam mops make it possible to sweep and clean simultaneously, it’s better to do it separately if you want to attain better results.

Steam settings

Steam mops tend to produce steam that is quite hot going to about two hundred degrees. Such steam can kill germs and bacteria, making this gadget capable of sanitizing your floors and other surfaces. Nonetheless, some models feature adjustable steam settings, allowing you to adjust your steam output to your desired degree and also depending on the type of floor you are steaming. For instance, you can use lighter steam for general cleaning or dial up more steam if you want to remove stains or spills.

Tank size and design

Steam mops come with different tank sizes; however, a larger tank is preferable as it holds more water compared to a smaller one. That ensures that you can clean a larger area and for longer without the need for a refill. With a sizeable tank, you can clean for a minimum of fifteen minutes without refilling. With some models, you can continuously steam for up to 30 minutes or even more, which is long enough for most jobs.

Concerning the design, look for a model whose tank is easy to fill. The best design is whereby the tank is removable making it easy to refill at the faucet. That is unlike with other time-consuming and awkward designs that comprise an in-built reservoir that require a funnel and a cup to fill.


Just like with most other cleaning appliances, you will be using the steam mop regularly. Therefore, it should be comfortable to use and handle. For that reason, be sure to look out for a model that is lightweight, with a swivel head and right balance. That makes it easy to maneuver, especially when cleaning difficult areas. Sites such as Steam Insider are dedicated to offering you detailed reviews of the different models making it easy for you to make a decision.

Long power cord

A long power cord ensures that you can cover a large area without going back and forth plugging and unplugging the steam mop. Power cords come with varying lengths ranging from sixteen to thirty feet. Therefore, go for the ones with a length of about 25 feet or more.

Cooling mat

According to most steam mop manufacturers, it is not advisable to leave your hot mop to dry on any surface as it may discolor or damage your surface depending on your floor type. That makes it important to buy your steam mop along with a cooling mat. However, you can also place something under it or leave it on a sealed surface to cool down.

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