A first date is an exciting event, and the way you use the time spent together may determine your destiny. Since the two are usually focused on impressing each other on the first date, it is critically important to see the real face of a person and project whether you can be together. We doubt that you have time on dates that will bring nothing to you. Therefore, it is important to quickly understand how well you fit each other and whether you fit at all. In this post, we will talk about methods that will help you understand that one is not your person.

#1 – His Whims Make You Annoyed

Your whims and features are what make you unique. The person who you are building a relationship with should love your quirks and not find them annoying. If he can’t stand the way you sing along to the radio and you hate the way he dresses, that’s the problem. Relationships cannot be perfect, and you may not like everything in a person. However, if it annoys you every day, you should reconsider your story. 

#2 – You Cannot Find a Compromise 

If the ideal date is a romantic dinner in a restaurant for you, and he prefers watching TV shows together, this is an alert for you. Your relationship is boring, and you know that. Choose a man who can sometimes get out of his comfort zone and compromise.

#3 – Your Friends Don’t Love Him

There is no such rule that your friends should love your partner. Of course, you should not make decisions based on the advice of your friends, but you also don’t need to ignore them either. Your friends know you much better. If they don’t like your potential partner, there may be a reason for such an attitude. Therefore, it is worth taking into account the opinion of friends at least occasionally.

#4 – You Are Too Different Personalities

Of course, opposites attract, but this is a rare case. There must be a balance. If you are so different that you cannot come to a common solution to global problems, it is worth considering whether to go together. 

#5 – You Behave Differently

If you pretend to be a different person or try to look better, this is a very first sign that your story will not last for too long. You should stay comfortable with your partner, instead of acting a role and pretending to be a person that you are not for real.