Some people can’t have a personal life just because they’re afraid of dating and making a bad impression on a stranger. Unreasonable fears should never be a reason for being single and lonely. That’s why we have collected recommendations from psychologists on how to combat the stress and make dating a smooth and successful experience.

1. Treat People Kindly

Often people worry that they will be rejected or that they will have to reject a potential partner. But if you imagine a new acquaintance as a friend, not as a potential partner, and treat him the same way, this fear will be combatted. You should not immediately conclude that you feel. It is obvious that most of us need time to get to know each other. Do not expect that you will immediately understand whether a person is a perfect match for you and what they feel about you. You will probably need more time to do the puzzle.

2. Choose Several “Options”

Concentrating on a single person can lead to them standing on an unattainable pedestal and you having no other way than just being nervous. Therefore, you should always consider other candidates. Thus, if anything goes wrong, you won’t be upset and will be able to switch your attention to another person. You have the right to meet different people. And it makes no sense to invest all your strength in one particular person until it is clear that you are suitable for each other. After all, having a couple of options release stress and makes you feel more relaxed – there is always an alternative approach to dating.

3. Live a Full Life

If all your activities, in addition to work or study, are only limited to checking notifications from dating sites, this is definitely a problem. Try to make your life full of other activities, interests, and hobbies. You should have friends, hobbies, trips, goals, etc. Let all this be part of your schedule. Life does not boil down to the constant search for love. Being loved is important, but come on – it shouldn’t become your ultimate goal.

4. Care for Yourself

It is very important that you take care of yourself. If you do not love yourself and do not create the conditions that you stay comfortable and happy in, then other people will never do it for you. You have the right to high self-esteem and a good attitude to your own body and spirit. Get enough sleep, eat healthy food, take care of your health. And all this will help you not only to live a better life but also to calm down stresses.

5. Practice

The dating talent comes together with practice. So do not be afraid, arrange dates, be sociable, and keep practicing. Thus, when you will meet your better half, you will be ready for the date and will know how to behave without being stressed or nervous.