Drug-Free Treatment Options for Chronic Pain

Chronic pain can lower the quality of your day to day life. Even then, you don’t have to turn to medication to get relief. You can opt for treatment options that don’t involve booking an appointment with your doctor or taking repeated doses of ibuprofen. Here’s a rundown of some remedies you can try out.


Repeated studies show that CBD can relieve chronic pain when used on a regular basis. A study published in the European Journal of Pain, for instance, suggests that the oil can help ease the intensity of suffering for people diagnosed with arthritis pain. More than that, separate studies show that CBD oil reduces the frequency of painful spasm in multiple sclerosis patients. You only need to stick to the dose indicated on the product’s label for maximum benefits.

TENs Units

For starters, this is a medical device that works by helping your brain block pain signals. The ripple effect is that your body can tolerate pain, even when it occurs on a frequent basis. While you don’t need a prescription to use a TENs unit, you must select one that’s easy to use, with well-thought-out functions. On that note, visit Free Your Spine to discover the best TENs units on the market and what makes them special.


Okay – going for a 30 minutes’ walk isn’t a treatment per se. However, embarking on a regular exercise regimen can help reduce levels of chronic pain. Plus, many studies suggest that physical activity boosts energy levels and mood. Be sure to consult your physician before beginning an exercise routine, especially if you’re suffering from other conditions.


Yes, acupuncture is turning out to be a mainstream remedy for chronic pain. Study after study has shown that acupuncture can work for pain caused by a variety of conditions including osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, back, and sports injuries. Scientists say that this procedure works by enabling the body to release pain-numbing chemicals.

The Bottom Line

Chronic pain can be hard to treat if it is in an advanced stage. It is, therefore, essential that you seek treatment as soon as you can. As stated, you must consult your doctor to see if a particular remedy is fit for you. Other ways to ease chronic pain include joining a yoga class and practicing relaxation therapy. You can also try out hypnosis to relieve pain caused by repetitive strain injuries and cancer pain.

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