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Sports betting

Making sports bets every day and earning regular profits is not only a dream for some betting professionals, but sometimes everyday professional life. Theoretically, every sports enthusiast has the opportunity to make a profit with sports betting, at least in the long term. However, if you need money in the short term, you should rather keep your hands off sports betting, because of course the random factor always plays a big role.

Basically, it makes sense if rather safer bets are concluded, where the outcome can be better determined in advance. However, it should always be kept in mind that a bet can always end differently even with safe odds. After all, large profits are rarely achieved with individual bets, instead, a good income can be achieved with regular bets over weeks and months.

Surebets, valuebets and other safe bets

In the betting industry, “surebets” are absolutely safe tips that promise a safe profit based on the various assessments of the betting providers. A frequently cited example is 2-way tennis betting: one sports betting provider sees player A as having the advantage, while another provider sees player B as having more of an advantage. If you now bet with both providers at the same time, you automatically end up in the plus. However, the disadvantage of this betting version is that users often have to sit in front of the computer for many hours and compare different providers. In addition, a betting account must be available with each potential provider, so that in the event of a case, the bet can be placed as quickly as possible. Some professionals therefore work with special software such as the Zcode system, so-called “safe bet calculator”, which automatically compares the odds at several bookmakers and calls the best options. Often, however, the betting tax is not included, so that should still be recalculated.

If you want to make things easier for yourself and don’t want to constantly compare the many different providers, you can also fall back on special websites that do exactly this work: There, the surebets are collected and can be retrieved with just a few clicks.

Betting professionals also consider the so-called valuebets as a safe bet, although a payout is not one hundred percent guaranteed: As a basis for determining a valuebet, the probability with which a certain event occurs is taken into account. If this probability is higher for the sports betting professional than the odds of the betting provider, a bet is placed on this sporting event. Success is not guaranteed, but especially over a longer period of time, above-average profits can be achieved in this way, since the probability speaks against the bookmaker and for the user. However, valuebets are very difficult to recognize, especially for beginners, and you should only dare to place these bets regularly if you actually have sufficient background knowledge. It should also be noted that often so-called “safe bets” are advertised by the betting providers, where the focus is mainly on big teams or athletes: However, if you always sit only on the internationally great teams, you firstly get worse odds and it can always happen that even the bets advertised as safe are overturned and ultimately the other team wins. In this context, it is of course advisable to choose a bookmaker with as broad a portfolio as possible. For example, the bookmaker, the British bookmaker William Hill or the provider Betway, where 30 sports or more are permanently offered, are recommended.

The 10 most popular betting sports in Germany are:

popular betting sports
  • Soccer
  • Boxing
  • Automobile racing
  • Ski jumping
  • Dancing
  • Biathlon
  • Athletics
  • Alpine skiing
  • Swimming
  • Ice hockey
  • Handball

Discipline and patience are important factors

If you want to make profits in the long term with sports betting, you should follow some basic rules and also strictly adhere to them. For example, it makes a lot of sense to only bet on games and sports that the user actually knows something about. Many “amateurs” simply bet from the gut or simply want to get some thrill by betting money. Of course, this is precisely what the providers of bets are counting on, but professionals should keep their distance from such bets, because money is not earned in the long term. Instead, care should be taken that, for example, only bets on soccer matches in a league in which you actually have deeper knowledge.

However, discipline is not only required in the selection of bets, but also the stakes should remain the same for as long as possible and one should not be blinded by initial successes. Especially newcomers often can not resist their own greed and tend to overestimate themselves after the first profits: Then higher and higher risky bets are made, which inevitably do not turn out as desired. If then the money is away, then fast again one pays in – finally one won nevertheless already once. However, if possible, one should also keep away from this system, because this is exactly how one slips into dependency. Instead, the stakes should remain the same, excess money should rather be paid out. If at some point there is actually money in surplus on the betting account, the betting stakes can be increased slowly and carefully.

Choose the right betting strategy with appropriate stakes

If you want to be successful in the long run, you should definitely develop your own system to check your own stakes. Every betting professional uses his own so-called money management system, but they are all basically similar: In most cases, some form of the unit system is used. For example, 1/10 Units stands for the lowest bet, 10/10 Units for the highest bet, which is mainly used for particularly good value bets. 10/10 Units are in most cases about five to ten percent of the total betting balance – with an account balance of 1,000 Euros, 100 Euros would be bet on an absolutely safe bet, while 1/10 Units corresponds to 10 Euros. This method helps a lot not to put too much money into a single bet and furthermore to find the right bet depending on the safety of the bet. Especially when betting on clear favorites, for example, you should choose quite small units stakes. Certain favored teams get only very small odds – especially compared to the probability of winning. Many professional bettors therefore do not even bet on teams that are considered favorites – and if they do, then only in small stakes.

A big mistake that is made again and again by beginners is the use of the so-called doubling strategy. This is actually supposed to help compensate for certain losses. For this purpose, after losing a bet, another bet is made with double the stake. This is done by starting with a small amount and as soon as a bet is lost, the stake is doubled – until a bet is won. Then you start again with the first, small bet. This method works to win small amounts, but it can also happen very quickly that a negative streak results in a complete loss. For this very reason, you should not use the doubling method if you want to achieve long-term success.

Keep your distance from offers for combination bets or live betting

Keep your distance from offers

Combi bets have their appeal, at least at first glance, because they entice with very high odds and can strongly remunerate even small stakes in case of a positive result. But where high profits are offered, there should also always be reckoned with a high risk – after all, the high odds are not offered without reason. For this reason, sports betting professionals do not allow themselves to be lured by the maximum odds of the various providers, but limit themselves to individual odds offers. Of course, fun bets – for example, in the form of a simple 10-strong combination bet – are absolutely fine, but should not be considered as a way to make money. Basically, it is better to place single bets that offer a much higher chance of success. Ultimately, combination bets only reinforce the “chance” factor and are thus lucrative for bookmakers – but do not make sense for betting enthusiasts. It is mathematically quite certain that a favorite will win a match, but that actually all top teams always win their matches is very unlikely.

Similarly, you should also proceed with live bets: These do provide excitement and can cause a certain thrill and especially the quick decisions during a match provide that certain “kick”. However, just as with combination bets, bets should only be made with low stakes for fun. Because in the long term, the random factor is much too high to achieve profits. In addition, there is also the fact that the odds level of live bets is significantly lower than bets made before the game. Often, live bets have to be made within minutes or even seconds, which also leads to the fact that the profits will be rather low, as mistakes quickly creep in and bets are chosen imprudently. It is therefore much more difficult to make profits with live betting over a constant period of time, and professional bettors therefore use live betting only as a distraction or for their own amusement.

Gathering information and using testimonials

Perhaps the most important tool of a professional bettor user is of course research: it is enormously important to look at statistics before placing bets. Tables and team comparisons are also useful sources of information. Basically, you should never bet according to the standings, but direct comparisons from the past can give much better information about a potential outcome of a match. Ultimately, you should inform yourself at least as well as a bookmaker – if you can give similarly detailed assessments, you can quickly find a safe bet and multiply your stakes. The weather and the climate can also have a very high influence on an outcome and thus on the bet: If a Russian team plays against a South African team, the home team will always have an advantage, because after all they are used to the home climate. In the soccer Champions League, for example, even the big favorites often have trouble playing in the cold months on Russia’s pitches, which are covered in snow and ice.

Just as valuable as your own research are also tips and tricks from experienced sports bettors: some publish tips on their blog or their own website in advance, which can easily be played yourself – but always at your own risk. Often, however, detailed experience reports can also be read afterwards, explaining how the professionals came up with their sports bets. These should rather be used as a suggestion, especially with supposedly successful users who have only been at it for a few weeks or months the information should be implemented with caution.

Place value bets on niche markets

Many professional sportsmen try to beat the various bookmakers by becoming a source of information for niche markets themselves. After all, even bookmakers have limited time and knowledge, and while, for example, the German Bundesliga of various sports is more intensively considered by bookmakers, bettors will only be marginally interested with other countries that are rather insignificant for a particular sport. For example, soccer is the biggest sport in Germany, but hardly anyone collects data about the second Korean league. Professional users of betting providers, on the other hand, look for exactly such niche markets and read all the statistics, comparisons and other relevant information so that they can beat the bookmakers.

For many professionals, doing sports betting is more than just a hobby and it is actually done as a side or main job. For this reason, it is enormously important that, with corresponding ambitions, a profit and loss statement is also drawn up in the form of tables: Exact records should be kept of the stakes and the respective profits. This way, the risks and opportunities can be seen at a glance, but also the available money can be viewed directly. The more detailed the bookkeeping, the better the information can be processed: If bet types and markets are written down and compared, it can be determined which strategies pay off over a longer period of time and from which strategies one should rather refrain.

The 11 most popular soccer leagues are:

  • German Bundesliga
  • Premier League (England)
  • Serie A (Brazil)
  • Primera Division (Argentina)
  • Primera Division (Spain)
  • Serie A (Italy)
  • Ligue 1 (France)
  • Süper Lig (Turkey)
  • Premier League (Saudi Arabia)
  • Eredivisie (Netherlands)
  • SuperLiga (Portugal)

Turning sports betting into a profession

In fact, there are more and more people who specialize in various sports betting and have made betting their profession: Already many years ago, the profession “sports bettor” came up in the USA and more and more often in Germany, too, more and more interested people decide to pursue a career in this industry. Basically, however, this only makes sense if a certain prior knowledge is already available and also certain requirements are given: Thus, enough money should be available for betting, because especially in the first weeks should not be expected too large profits. It is also useful if a plan is drawn up in advance, with which an overview is created: How much money is available, what goals should be set and in which sporting division can you settle?

The best way to actually turn the hobby of “betting” into a profession is to get help from already active professionals: if you read through the tips and tricks carefully and are able to implement them, you can win hundreds of Euros per month after a short time and increase the stakes. Often, professional bettors also judge various websites that pretend to help – some really offer support, from others you should rather keep your hands off. Experienced bettors can tell you which websites are useful.

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