Why You Need To Automate Your Instagram Account

When most people hear about Instagram, all that they can think about is a photo sharing app that captures all the good moments in life. Things have changed in the recent past and Instagram is now one of the most after sought marketing platforms. Business owners from different niches and industries are now using this platform to scale up their ventures and move to the next level. It is a good fit for both those who sell physical products as well as those who are in the service industry. You are missing a lot as a business owner if have not automated some functions. The following are some the reasons why you should automate your Instagram account

Grow your account

The higher the number of followers you have on your Instagram account, the higher the chances of converting them to buyers. The process of growing your account from the scratch is not that easy and it may take months or even years. There are some bots that can help you get real followers and establish you as an authority. There should be a balance between the number of people that you follow and those that follow you back. A good business account should have more followers than the ones it is following.

Plan your posts ahead of time

Time zone is always a challenge to those people who have universal followers. Some tools can help you schedule posts and make sure that they reach the intended recipients’ at the most opportune time. You can schedule them for a week or even a month depending on the specific service that you use. The schedule should be flexible to allow you to post other things as they emerge. Some of these tools have analytics to help you keep track of your progress and know the areas to improve.

Increase engagement

People will always be attracted to where there is activity. A post with thousands of likes and comments shows that your account is worth visiting. You can achieve all this without having to spend many hours on your account. There are several bots that can auto like and comment on other people’s posts which increases your exposure. Keep checking the engagement levels and connect with your followers who might need personalized attention.

Search for the perfect automation tool can be frustrating. JonathonSpire understands this challenge and reviews some of the best tools that will up your social and marketing game.

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