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How to win money in an online casino?

How to win money

Everyone who gambles at an online casino wants to win money. That does not have to be a goal in itself, but no one chooses to lose fun money. In fact, if given the chance, you would like to know how to win money in an online casino. There are no tricks to influence outcomes of a casino game. So you can already quietly forget about that. You should really view gambling as participation in a game of chance with chances to win and lose. That being said, you certainly have the opportunity to be a winner. We would like to help you get started on winning money in an online casino with some tips. You will also gain insight into common mistakes when winning money with gambling.

heck the casino terms

Sometimes you think you have won money, but the terms and conditions of the online casino throw a spanner in the works. It is a common mistake not to review the casino terms and conditions beforehand. Do so even if it costs you some time. It prevents the unnecessary disappointments in the future. For example, do you check all the bonus terms?

The outcome of a game cannot be influenced

Another mistake made is the idea that you have the ability to influence the outcome. Cards fall as they fall and the reels on a slot machine roll as they roll. The outcome is random. Always. So don’t think there is a great system by which the reels can be turned. As a player, you have no chance of changing the outcome to your liking. So forget that if you want to win money in an online casino.

Choices while gambling

There are choices to make in certain casino games while playing. Blackjack is a game to make choices while gambling. With slots, you often have this option with special features like bonus rounds as well. Or if you have a win that you then get the chance to make the win bigger.

Gamble feature

Gamble feature

This is possible if there is a gamble feature and you have to choose between two outcomes. Consider then that you are taking a very big gamble. The gamble feature is attractive because your winnings can be doubled. Do you want to take advantage of that? Then don’t be tempted by taking the gamble every time. Stop after one or two good gambles. Otherwise, the chances are very high that you will lose all your winnings at once.

It is certainly not recommended to use the gamble feature every time you win. If you like it, just do it occasionally. For example, with small winnings to increase them a bit. It’s a shame if with a big win you take the big gamble to double it and you lose. The gamble feature is not specially built in to grant you a higher win. It is a tempting game element that is rather beneficial to the online casino.


Slots usually offer a high payout percentage of up to 96%. Either a little more or a little less. This percentage is called the RTP and it shows what the slot machine pays out back to players. This is general and it is not the case that you always get back 96% of what you put in. That’s good because you want to win more money at the online casino than you wager.

Do not opt for insurance in blackjack

It is strongly advised not to consider the option of insurance when playing blackjack. At least that is the thinking of most blackjack experts. The odds of the bank scoring blackjack are comparatively smaller than you winning with your hand.

With insurance, you lose the base bet if the bank doesn’t have blackjack. That’s real lost money, because you would still have had a chance to win. The option of insuring in blackjack is a nice touch, but gives false security. It’s actually the same with normal insurance. It only benefits you if an event occurs.

Choose European Roulette

Why gamble on American roulette when the house edge for the online casino in European roulette is lower? In an American roulette wheel there are 37 slots and in a European roulette wheel there are only 36 slots. So in American Roulette you have a slightly smaller chance of winning.

The game is otherwise the same. It is also advisable to spread your chances in roulette. Don’t bet all your money on one number, but spread your chances by betting on a column, for example. Or by combining a bet on a dozen with a bet on red or black.

Don’t take too much risk

Another useful tip for winning money in an online casino is by not taking too much risk. For example, settle for less profit than gambling on big winnings. To win real money gambling, it is often better to build up your winnings slowly. Consider the gamble feature. Say you win 100 euros with a 5 euro bet on a slot machine. With the gamble feature you have the chance to double it. If you lose, you lose 100 euros. That 100 euros gives you 20 chances to win money again. Also, play to your budget and adjust the risk accordingly.

Handle your money well

It is important to handle your money well if you want to win money in the online casino. That’s why you match the amount of the bet to the amount you have on your balance. Or the amount you want to spend this gaming session. This is because this way you will play longer than dividing the amount by half and making two bets. With longer play with small bets, you simply have a better chance of winning money. Of course, if you have won a little more money, the stakes can be adjusted accordingly. So winning gives a little more room to play with the height of the bet.

Beware the pitfall of greed

Beware the pitfall of greed

Greed is a pitfall of many players who win money in the online casino. You are well on your way and have a lot of winnings and go on and on. You keep going to get even more winnings instead of being satisfied with the winnings you have. Being on a winning streak also means feeling good.

A good feeling that sometimes turns into a feeling of invincibility. So that is the feeling you should not get if you want to win real money at the online casino. In fact, greed in many cases simply leads to less profit. Or if you’re unlucky enough to lose. You don’t want that. When gambling, it is sometimes difficult to determine the moment when you stop. Especially if you are on the winning side. There is a tip for that though. Think in advance what you are satisfied with. Stop the moment you reach that amount.

Play with a limit

It is useful to set a limit for yourself. This is the amount you want to play with. There are several limits you can think of. For example, when it comes to the stake with which you gamble. For example, do so with no more than 5% of the amount you want to gamble with in total. If you win, the bet goes up in small steps or large increments. When losing, it is possible not to gamble more than half of your budget. If you have already lost a lot, you can limit further losses this way.

Cash out your winnings

Did you manage to win money in the online casino? Then choose to cash out the money. You cash it out into your bank account. You then leave the original amount in your balance to gamble with again. Or you can cash out the entire amount. In any case, do not leave the winnings in your player account at the online casino. The temptation is then really too great to gamble with high stakes next time.

Winning or losing

Winning or losing are two outcomes that both occur while gambling in the online casino. In fact, while playing, winning and losing alternate. It is never the case that every round of play results in a win. Or every round of play results in a loss. You win some and not others. That is the essence of online gambling in an online casino. The art is simply knowing when to stop winning. Just as much as it is an art to know to stop when you lose. Consider online gambling a fantastic pastime, but don’t count yourself rich with it. Amassing wealth in an online casino is for only a limited number of players.

Discipline and self-control

Discipline and self-control are important to winning money at an online casino. Important in the sense that you handle won money carefully. A big win does not have to go all the way. Rather not even if you want to have money left over. Yet that does happen often when gambling online. You just have to have the necessary discipline and self-control not to be a loser.

Gamble on a casino game you like

It is not possible to determine today that you are going to win money at an online casino. You may have a good feeling about it, but that’s when it ends. For this reason, it is important that you start gambling on casino games that you like. You should not gamble on a casino game that might make you more money but is not fun. In doing so, you are selling yourself short.

Having fun gambling means having a good time. Winning money is more fun when you have a good time at the online casino. If you are bored always placing bets because there is a better chance of winning, it is not fun. Blackjack has a smaller house edge for the casino than slots. You don’t like blackjack, but you like slots? Then it still makes sense to play slots.

Skill and knowledge of the game

Skill and knowledge of the game definitely help you win money at the online casino. It is imaginable if you do not know the rules that your chances of winning are smaller. Just think about blackjack. Surely it is necessary to have basic knowledge to win. The skill of the game you get through experience. If you play blackjack more often then you also know how to estimate your chances better. In slots, of course, skill plays less of a role. It is more fun to know what the features are. In roulette, on the other hand, it is important to know all the possible bets.

Keep your emotions under control

When winning money at the online casino it is important to keep your emotions under control. Therefore, it is not wise to gamble if you have been drinking or taking drugs. The same applies if you are depressed or very tired. Furthermore, in a normal state it is also important to control your emotions. Don’t let the winnings go to your head and then lose all your money again.

Stop at winnings

Stopping at winnings has already been touched upon, but it comes up again. Especially since it is one of the most important opportunities to end up with a profit. Everyone who gambles sometimes makes the mistake of continuing at a profit. Suppose you have just been gambling for five minutes and you win 1,000 euros. Do you then stop or continue? Chances are you continue gambling. If at the end of the evening you are still at a profit of 100 euros, you have still lost 900 euros. It is difficult to stop so soon, but wise.


Whether probability also plays a role in winning money in an online casino? In theory, yes, but practice shows few chances of winning money with it. Of course, it is possible to apply probability. However, all possible outcomes of probability do not change the outcome of the game.

Luck as a factor in winning money

The factor of luck always remains present when it comes to winning money in an online casino. That factor cannot be eliminated. Therefore, the tips for winning money with gambling are not about influencing outcomes. It is mainly about how to deal with your winnings. At least that is really useful instead of all the other advice that comes along.

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