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How to win at bar slots?

bar slots

Winning rates in bar machines are lower than those in online casinos. Some managers, in reading us, might disagree, of course.

If we assume that the payout of bar machines is 70 percent (which I highly doubt, I think it is much lower), that means that out of 100 euros, 70 go back to the player and 30 have to be divided between bars and state monopoly (often only bars because not all machines are connected to ADM).

Little harm if the machine paid so that we could win something.

Bar machines are programmed to have very low maximum winnings, 100€: how much are you willing to spend to win 100€ ? I would at most put in 1€ or 2€, then I would leave. And that’s what I do, when I go into a bar to get cigarettes or coffee, if I have 1 or 2€ maximum left and I have the right moon, I try to put them in the vlt. Sometimes I win, often I lose. Yet there are still people who lose hundreds of euros a day in these Monopoly-sponsored slots, people who play in the morning at 8 o’clock, or who go to play on their lunch break or after work…badly, these things should NOT happen.

The most popular bar slots are cha cha cha, fowld play, far west and having played them for a long time, I assure you they pay little compared to online slots for example from 888 casino. Winning at the cha cha cha slot, fowl play or far west is always difficult, you have to put a lot of money into it or be lucky that someone has played it a lot before you, but rest assured that the bar manager will notice before you do and will not give you a way to win.

If I want to play for fun, I go to the casino or play at the online casino, not at the bar, at the bar I do something else.

Change the slot machines

Never get stuck on one game, nothing could be more wrong, you will lose in the long run, it’s a fact!

So always try to rotate online slots, play a little here and a little there. We really like to try them all! We like Microgaming casino slots, because there are so many of them, there are all kinds. But today there’s so much software, really we’ve come to an incredible level of differentiation of slot machine games.

If the slot doesn’t pay out exits

slot doesn't pay out exits

It happens to get into slots that don’t pay. There’s nothing you can do: you play 30 to 40 percent of your budget and nothing, you don’t go up, but slowly you go down. At this point there are two things: either you continue hoping to get back up to par, it happens eh; or you get out and change it. We recommend changing the game.

If the slot pays exit

If the slot machine pays, take advantage of it, if it has to pay keep paying, increase, decrease, if it has decided to pay it will, maybe even just with a bonus game. Usually when we take a bonus game then we keep playing. If we don’t take it back, we get out! As soon as it stops, i.e. it does not pay you for 20/30% of the balance, you come out a winner with some more capital than you put in.

Bankroll and its management

According to our experience, the entry budget in the slot game is that of 100 hits. Whether you then make the hits of 1€ or 5€ depends on the budget you have. For bigger wallets and for those who play 5€ or more per hit, which for us means 500€ minimum budget, there are exaggerated bonuses such as VIP bonuses.

Summarizing, the best advice we can give you is:

Learn how to win

Doing it is simple and trivial: exit when the balance is positive compared to the entry, so don’t burn your winnings in the same game.

Learn to limit your losses

Learn to limit your losses

That said, exit when you realize the slot doesn’t pay, but don’t wait until you play it all out to figure it out!

We also try to summarize what you can find interesting on Casino2k, because articles on tricks to win at slots and strategies to adopt we have written many of them and recommended to our friends, but you just need to be clear on a few things. Here are more tips for navigating the site and reading, studying and understanding as much as possible about strategies for playing slots.

You can return to the general cheats page, a section that is updated and that we recommend you look at from time to time.

  • As for slot machines, you can also play them for free and test them. An interesting section with lots of slot machines found in most casinos. As you know, each portal has different slot software, instead we show you all of them or at least almost. Starting to try slots is always useful to understand them. This page, of course, is also always being updated.
  • You will also find a database of data sheets for a lot of slot games. This section is also constantly evolving.
  • Pay attention to payment methods: they can give bonuses, speed up the time to cash out and deposit, and make everything easier. When playing slots, it happens that you have to deposit or withdraw in order for the wins to be taken home.
  • Knowing the opinions on casinos that pay out immediately is always helpful.
  • Study the pages of all the games well. In this case it depends on the game you prefer.
  • Study, study and study, it is the only way to come out a winner. Understand the games, study the data sheets in the slot database…learn about Casino2K.

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